February 9, 2017

All marine propellers for sationary engines we provide may be made from copper alloy include various grades of marine bronze alloy or Ni Br Al alloy. Our propeller are used in proffesional plesure boats or also in profesional vesel such as:

  • motor and sail boats,

  • fishing boats, trawlers and tugs,

  • merchant vessels

  • patrol boat, explorativ and military ships

We offer:

  • fixed propellers – with two, three, four, five, and six blades with any DAR

  • folding propellers,

  • self-adjusting propellers,

  • propellers for Kort’s nozzle

  • propellers with adjusting blades pitch.

Together with a propeller, we can provide a complete propulsion systems including:

  • marine engines with acessories,
  • couplings,

  • constant velocity transmissions

  • thrust bearings,

  • gearboxes, 

  • flanges,

  • drive shafts with nuts

  • sealing for the shaft lines

  • stern tubes

  • anodes