About Ankaa

Ankaa Rowing Shoes – one of the leading manufacturers of high quality handmade rowing shoes – preferred by boat builders, colleges, rowing clubs and schools the world over.

SOLE Options

It is a matter of great pride to us in announcing that Ankaa is the now the only rowing shoe manufacturer that offers a range of sole options for our rowing shoe users. You can now choose the sole that best suits your feet.
Here are the details of sole options that are available.

We hope you will appreciate the sole options that we are now offering and that this choice will enable you to order a the correct pair of rowing shoes for maximum comfort for yourself.

The standard two piece sole is glued and stitched, this is an offering made by all manufacturers worldwide.

The full one piece sole is glued and stitched all around for longer life. No one else offers this sole option other than Ankaa.

The sturdy row sole is made of extra strong durable synthetic material. It is also glued and stitched all around which increases the longivity of the shoes by far. Ankaa is only the manufacturer of this unique sole globally.

Benefits & Performance

At Ankaa Rowing Shoes, we are proud of our high quality workmanship and reputation. As manufacturers, we can offer you unbeatable prices! We’re so convinced of the quality of our shoes that we offer a full Replacement Warranty against any manufacturing defects.

GENUINE LEATHER – Only Ankaa can offer genuine leather uppers which provide comfort, flexibility and breathability. Allowing your feet to breathe prevents athlete’s foot and extends the life of the rowing shoes. Please note, New Wave Shoes use GORE-TEX

QUICK DRYING – Features a quick drying nylon mesh.

RUST FREE – Ankaa Shoes use rust free stainless steel inserts.

WIDE FITTING – The wide fitting design of the Ankaa Shoe range is more comfortable and easier on your feet.

EASY MOUNT – Ankaa Shoes feature the same hole configuration on all sizes – so you can pre-drill the foot plates and mount them straight away.

COMPATIBLE CONFIGURATIONS – Ankaa offer a choice of two different hole configurations for the sole – one for European boats, as replacement for Adidas shoes, and one for rest of the world.