Will I pay extra for bigger sizes?

All sizes from 5-14 cost the same, so you won’t have to pay anything extra for bigger sizes.

What other colors can I get?

The leather is available only in black and white. However, the nylon mesh is available in a variety of colors – you can view and specify the color of your choice at the time of ordering.

Can I get my logo printed?

Yes, for 100 pairs or more, it’s free. For smaller quantities we can print it for a nominal charge. Please email us mmigal@intelimare.pl to check with us on our charges.

What is my correct size?

For determining your correct size please refer to our size chart.

What is the minimum order quantity?

One pair

Do Ankaa shoes come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We are working on it.
For now we accept payment by bank transfer or in Poland – cash on delivery.

Why do you ask for my email address, phone number, etc?

We ask for details so that we can contact you in case there is a problem with your order. We do not make your details available to any other companies.

Are screws included with the shoes?

Yes, stainless steel (non rusting) screws are supplied with each pair of shoes.

Are there threads or nuts in the soles of the shoes?

Yes, the shoes have stainless steel (non rusting) threaded inserts built into the soles.

Our club plans to change over to Ankaa rowing shoes. Will Ankaa shoes be a direct replacement?

Ankaa rowing shoes come in two hole patterns; either
1) European (Replacement for Adidas) and
2) “Rest of the World” (e.g North American).

These two types cover the usage of footplate types worldwide. At the time of order placement, select the appropriate option from the “Hole Configuration for Sole” drop down. You will be able to transfer over to the use of our shoes seamlessly.

Do you supply footplates?

Yes, we supply cotton phenolic footplates for rowing shoe mounting, with and without pre-drilled holes. We offer the pre-drilled option in either European boats (Replacement for Adidas) or the “Rest of the World” configurations. We also offer adjustable cotton phenolic footplates. These can be ordered from the accessories section on our website.

Do you supply heel ties?

Yes, we supply these (in case required) as an additional accessory. Our heel ties are made of high quality nylon and are waterproof, strong and durable.

Do you supply any replacement parts for your rowing shoes?

The Velcro straps on the New Wave shoes are supplied as replacement parts. These can be ordered from the accessories section on our website. Our other shoes do not come with replacement parts, however they are of course covered under warranty for manufacturing defects. We do offer replacement accessories such as Stainless Steel mounting screws and heel ties, should you require these.

What are the adjustable sizes of your rowing shoes?

Our adjustable range of rowing shoes can be adjusted down an additional 3 shoe sizes, no matter what size you order. Therefore, to give you an example, if you were to order a size 12, you would be able to adjust down to size 9.

What materials are your shoes made of?

Ankaa rowing shoes are made of genuine leather uppers, air meshing and stainless steel fittings. The New Wave range is made from GORE-TEX® uppers and anti-bacterial microfibers.